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Bulk Beef - Whole, Half, and Quarter

The majority of our steers finish or fatten in the fall and are processed September through December with pickup or delivery available approximately 3 to 4 weeks later. Bulk beef may be available at other times of the year so be sure to give us a call and see what we may have for you. Beef comes from steers that were born on our farm and are 100% grass-fed. They have never had antibiotics, vaccines, chemical wormers, or grains. Just pure beef.

Whole Beef

Average hanging weight is 600 pounds. Price is $4.35 per pound plus processing.  A $1,000 deposit is required with your order.

Half Beef

Average hanging weight is 300 pounds.  Price is $4.60 per pound plus processing. A $600 deposit is required with your order.

Front or Hind Quarter

Average hanging weight is 150 pounds.  Price is $4.85 per pound plus processing. A $400 deposit is required with your order.

Beef is processed at White Barn Processing near Monroe City and costs between $80 and $100 per quarter.  Free delivery to the Columbia area is available.

The hanging weights noted above are not the total weight of product you will receive but the average weight of the beef before it is cut according to your directions.  Average take home weight generally falls at 60% of hanging weight but can vary according to your cutting directions. For example, bone-in vs. boneless, more trimmed fat for leaner cuts, or the leanness you request for the ground beef. We usually ask for 85% lean for the ground beef we sell so if you have been buying from us and like this amount, you’ll know what to ask for with yours.

Its a good idea to have an idea of how you want your beef cut before you talk to the processor. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Which type, thickness, number per package, and with bone or without. Cuts with bone could include rib eye, or sirloin steak. Porterhouse will come with bone as the strip and fillet are adjacent to the T bone. These can be processed boneless to make fillet and KC strips. You can also keep your tenderloin whole rather than making fillets.


Type and weight are generally all you need to know for these. In addition to those displayed on the graphic below, you could also order top and bottom round roasts rather than ground round as well as sirloin tip roasts. Chuck roasts, standing rib roasts, and arm roasts have bone, the rest are boneless. If you like making bone broth be sure to ask for bones such as leg, neck and knuckle. You can also get short ribs or have the rib meat included with your ground beef.

A 20 cubic foot freezer will hold a whole beef, 10 cubic feet for a half.

If you would like to order let me know via email, text or phone and then send your deposit check made out to Altai Meadows to 1296 County Road 2535, Higbee, MO 65257. You can also drop off the deposit at the farmer’s market on Saturdays in Columbia. Once the steers are delivered to the processor myself or the processor will contact you for your cutting instructions. If you have any questions feel free to write or call, Jeff Cook, 660-651-9189. Thank you for your interest in clean, 100% grass-fed beef!

Cuts from the Front and Hind Quarter

Refer to the chart below for more detailed front and hind quarter beef cut information. For further information check the Nose to Tail website by clicking here.

Front Quarter

Cuts from the front quarter come from the chuck, rib, brisket and plate. The front quarter weighs 20-30 pounds more than the hind quarter

Hind Quarter

Cuts from the hind quarter come from the loin, sirloin, round and flank.


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