Grass Fed


  • I thawed one of the steaks and cooked it and it was excellent! I had to control myself from thawing the other out and eating them all in one sitting. Wonderful! Great job on our beef! You all have a very fine product.

    Tim B., Columbia, MO
  • I made stock from chicken bones I bought from you at Columbia Farmer's market then made and canned chicken soup using the stock. The bones were very meaty and made delicious soup without the need to add chicken meat. I'm definitely going to buy more next time I'm at the Farmer's market.

    Mary B., Columbia, MO
  • Just wanted to say thanks!! The beef is awesome! You’re doing an awesome job and we totally appreciate it.

    Drew H., Brookfield, MO
  • Several years ago my wife and I were searching for a new source of grass fed/grass finished beef. We heard about Altai Meadows and their reputation for quality meat. We've been a customer for several years and have been extremely pleased with the quality and taste of their grass fed beef. Jeff Cook has been fantastic to work with. He stands behind the quality of his product. He has gone the extra mile (literally) to make it convenient for us to pick up our order when we're in the Columbia area or have our order ready for pick up at the farmers market. We highly recommend Altai Meadows and Jeff Cook!  Peter R. - St. Louis, MO

    Peter R., St. Louis, MO
  • We purchased chicken from you at the Columbia Farmers Market yesterday and prepared it for dinner last night.  We had forgotten what chicken was supposed to taste like! Well worth the extra $!

    Alan L., Columbia, MO
  • Delicious, flavorful beef! We have bought two 1/2 cows from Jeff & Augie recently. We always feel great & have lots of energy after we eat this beef, unlike typical grocery store beef which makes us feel sluggish (& tastes like cardboard in comparison). We love being able to support sustainable family-owned businesses like Altai Meadows while also knowing that we are getting healthy, grass-finished, nutrient-dense beef. Thanks Jeff & Augie!

    Merry Ellen K., Columbia, MO
  • Altai Meadows is a small family operation where they really take pride in the care and quality of their product. The beef they produce is juicy and tender. We visited the farm and saw the great care they take with the all- South Poll cattle, which are very gentle and happy. They have excellent grazing land and the results are a very good beef product.

    Brian C., Scottsdale, AZ
  • The BEST eggs ever!

    Trisha W., Columbia, MO
  • We have one regret with our quarter beef order…not getting at least a half.  Seriously, our meals have been absolutely delicious!  Thanks for raising animals which are treated humanely.  We know the work is hard and the hours are long.

    Steve and Tracey L., Columbia, MO
  • The grass fed/grass finished beef from Altai Meadows was simply the best I have ever tasted. I visited the farm and was impressed with the operation- this is truly a family-run farm. The beef I enjoyed was tender and flavorful and it was obvious to me that great care was taken to produce the highest quality beef possible. This is how beef is really meant to taste. Feel free to compare the meat from Altai Meadows to any other product available- it is simply outstanding. I also enjoyed the fresh eggs from this farm and found them to be of the highest quality. The egg flavor was far superior to grocery store-bought eggs (of course) and you can tell that these chickens have a more wholesome and valued life. Free-range produced eggs such as these really ARE better. I would highly recommend this farm overall and its products.

    Scott R., Breckenridge, CO

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